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US, Taiwan, Japan, UK, and Australia Conclude a Virtual GCTF Workshop on COVID-19 Vaccine Roll-out
May 19, 2021


United States, Taiwan, Japan, United Kingdom, and Australia Conclude a Virtual Global Cooperation and Training Framework (vGCTF) Workshop on
COVID-19 Vaccine Roll-out: Experiences and Challenges


On May 18, the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) was pleased to co-host with Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Taiwan’s Centers for Disease Control, the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, the UK, and the Australian Office a virtual Global Cooperation and Training Framework (vGCTF) workshop entitled “COVID-19 Vaccine Roll-out: Experiences and Challenges.” This was the eighth public health GCTF workshop that aimed to strengthen health security in the region and beyond through exchanges with health officials and experts.  Public health experts from Taiwan, the United States, Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, Israel, and Canada shared lessons learned and trends for COVID-19 vaccination campaigns with health professionals from around the globe.  Participants drew invaluable experiences from each other and deepened international cooperation.

Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu, Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare Deputy Minister Jui-Yuan Hsueh, AIT Director W. Brent Christensen, British Office in Taiwan Representative John Dennis, and Australia Office Taipei Representative Jenny Bloomfield each gave remarks to open the event.  The event co-hosts reaffirmed Taiwan’s technical health expertise and the need for Taiwan to be included in the upcoming World Health Assembly, as health knows no international boundaries.

As AIT Director Christensen said, “The United States supports the call for Taiwan’s meaningful participation in the World Health Assembly.  Excluding Taiwan compromises global health and safety.  It is only by working together that our countries can address this ongoing pandemic and the emerging public health challenges that we are all facing.”