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Workshop on Trade Secrets Protection and Digital Piracy Prevention (October 15-16, 2020)
April 27, 2022

Content of Workshop: This two-day virtual workshop on intellectual property rights (IPR) protection focused on prosecuting theft of trade secrets and stopping digital piracy of copyrighted content. IPR protection is a critical component for economic development in the modern digital economy. Government officials with responsibility for IPR protection joined the webinar, sharing their own experiences and taking lessons learned back to their own work on confronting the common challenge of combatting IPR infringement. AIT Director Christensen opening remarks highlighted the “Four I’s,” which are the virtuous cycle of interaction, IPR protection, investment, and innovation. “Advanced economies all recognize that intellectual property rights protection is the key ingredient to attract investment and encourage innovation in order to compete in our modern global economy,” Christensen said.

Key Attendees: The Honorable Edward Chen, U.S. District Court Judge, Northern District of California, AIT Director Brent Christensen joined MOFA Deputy Minister Tien Chung-kwang, Ministry of Justice Deputy Minister Tsai Pi-chung, and JTEA Deputy Representative Yokochi Akira

Number of Participating Countries: 21