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五月 4日, 2021

Houston university launches Mandarin-learning center (Taipei Times, September, 2021)

Education ministry unveils English language goals (Taipei Times, September, 2021) 


Taiwan Centers for Mandarin Learning Open Across US (Taiwan News, September, 2021)

Taiwan’s Chance to Become the Chinese-language Center of Excellence (Taiwan Business Topics, August, 2021)


U.S.-Taiwan ties closer as Taiwan fills gap left by Confucius Institutes: AIT Deputy Director (Taiwan Insider, April, 2021)

New Approaches to English Learning in Taiwan (Topics, March 23, 2021)

台美學術合作 UCLA宣告打造台灣研究重鎮 (中央通訊社TVBS電視台, February 24, 2021)

UCLA to launch program for Taiwan studies in global context (Central News Agency, February 23, 2021 )

FEATURE: Local teachers eye footing for Taiwan at US schools (Taipei Times, February 19, 2021)

酈英傑倡台填華語教學缺口 教部研議進一步合作 (中央通訊社聯合新聞網, February 6, 2021)

大外宣OUT!台美研議推動華語教育 補孔子學院缺口 (Radio Taiwan International, February 6, 2021)

U.S. asks Taiwan to fill void as Confucius Institutes close (The Nikkei Asia,  February 2, 2021)

American Students’ Love Affair With China Cools as Political Tensions Rise (The Wall Street Journal, January 16, 2021)

台美教育倡議 16日首場說明聚焦美語人士學華語 (United Daily News, January 14, 2021)

台美簽署教育合作備忘錄 (The Liberty Times, December 4, 2020)

台美教育合作升級!美國關閉「孔子學院」 鼓勵學生來台學中文 (Apple Daily, December 3, 2020)

全球關孔子學院 美盼台灣成學習中文重鎮 (The China Times, December 3, 2020)