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招標公告 RFQ No: TPE200-22-Q-0011 (截止日期:2022年3月18日)
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二月 25日, 2022

招標公告 RFQ No: TPE200-22-Q-0011



請特別注意,美國在台協會為政府稅法核定適用“零稅率”之機構,報價以及發票開立應用“零稅率” (不含5%營業稅),款項將於收到貨品及相關發票後30天內匯款,謝謝!

Part I: Quote for Goods

Note: please specify “currency” in your quote.

No. Description Q’ty Unit Unit Price Subtotal
1 Network Control Engine

Part. No.: MS-NCE2560-0 (Johnson Controls)

1 each
2 Network Automation Engine

Part. No.: MS-NAE3511-2 (Johnson Controls)

1 each
3 CO2 Network Gas Sensor

Part. No.: NSB8BNC040-0 (Johnson Controls)

8 each
4 VAV Controller

Part. No.: MS-VMA1630-1 (Johnson Controls)

4 each
5 Input Output Module

Part. No.: MS-IOM4711-0 (Johnson Controls)

3 each
Total Amount (VAT excluded)
Part II: Shipping Cost


The final delivery location for this order will be Taipei, Taiwan.

If you are a local vendor, please quote for No. 7.

If you are an overseas vendor, please quote your best price for both shipping methods (No. 7 & No. 8).  If you’re only able to quote for one of the shipping options, please do so for the available shipping option for AIT’s consideration.

AIT will determine the most suitable and favorable option upon receipt of bids submitted.


Note: Shipments sent to our Consolidated Receiving Point in Kent, WA will need to be consolidated and redirected to Taiwan, which will incur associated surcharges. AIT will take this into consideration as the award will go to the lowest price offeror.


No. Description Q’ty Unit Unit Price (NTD/USD) Subtotal


7 Handling and shipping fee to Taipei, Taiwan, Neihu District, 11461, if any


Approximate lead time: ________________

1 job
8 Handling and shipping fee to Kent, WA, 98032, if any


Approximate lead time: ________________

Package dimension: _________________

Total package weight: _______________lbs.

1 job