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美國貿易代表署 113日發布新聞稿:「美台將在紐約舉行美台21世紀貿易倡議會議」


美國和台灣將在美國在台協會(AIT) 和與駐美國台北經濟文化代表處(TECRO)共同主持下,於11  8 -9 日在紐約市就美台21世紀貿易倡議進行面對面的概念性討論。


美國助理貿易代表麥卡廷(Terrence J. McCartin)將擔任代表團首席官員。


On June 1, 2022, Deputy United States Trade Representative Sarah Bianchi and Taiwan Minister-Without-Portfolio John Deng met virtually under the auspices of AIT and TECRO to launch  the U.S.-Taiwan Initiative on 21st-Century Trade, which is intended to develop concrete ways to deepen the economic and trade relationship, advance mutual trade priorities based on shared values, and promote innovation and inclusive economic growth for our workers and businesses, including through new trade agreements.

On August 17, 2022, the United States and Taiwan, under the auspices of AIT and TECRO, announced the negotiating mandate for formal trade negotiations under this new initiative.  The negotiating mandate can be found here  and includes a robust agenda for negotiations aimed at reaching agreements on trade facilitation, good regulatory practices, strong anti-corruption standards, enhancing trade between our small and medium enterprises, deepening agriculture trade, removing discriminatory barriers to trade, digital trade, robust labor and environmental standards, as well as ways to address distortive practices of state-owned enterprises and non-market policies and practices.

The United States will continue to consult with Congress and key stakeholders like labor, business, environmental groups, and others throughout the negotiations.

閱讀新聞稿原文: https://ustr.gov/about-us/policy-offices/press-office/press-releases/2022/november/united-states-and-taiwan-hold-meetings-us-taiwan-initiative-21st-century-trade-new-york