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投標編號 RFQ No: TPE200-22-Q-0020 (截止日期:2022年7月26日)
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六月 24日, 2022

美國在台協會欲採購一輛全新5噸貨車有意參與競標的廠商可於上班時間早上8點半至下午4點半間聯繫美國在台協會採購部有關標案的任何問題請於2022714(台北時間)前提出,AIT會統一於2022719日下午5點前(台北時間)回覆報價截止時間為2022726日中午12點前報價單請於截止日前發至美國在台協會採購部信箱Taipei_Procurement@state.gov。 請特別注意,美國在台協會為政府稅法核定適用零稅率之機構,報價以及發票開立應用零稅率” (不含5%營業稅),並請註明亦未含進口稅以及貨物稅,款項將於收到貨品及相關發票後30天內匯款此標案將由符合資格且最低價者得標謝謝!  

Note: this procurement has been approved for local (Taiwan) purchase.  


No. Description Q’tyUnitUnit Price
1Brand New 5 Ton Commercial Truck
Manual Transmission
Gross Vehicle Weight (vehicle registered weight): 5,000kg
Wheelbase: The wheelbase of the truck chassis should be the middle axle (approximately 2800mm).
The length of the full body of the truck including closed tailgate should not exceed 6000mm.
Customized Electric Canvas Frame:
When the frame is retracted, the height is lower than or at the same height of the truck head
When the frame is raised, the height does not exceed 2800mm above the ground. 
Dual Core Hydraulic Tailgate: lifting capacity 1000kg 
  (Excludes weight of the tailgate) The height (length) of the hydraulic tailgate panel can be aligned with the lowest height of the retractable shed (or canvas frame).
*Remote control function is required to operate the Hydraulic Tailgate.
Standard Truck bed made of wood material with 5mm truck bed mats made of rubber material
Quad Dash Cam: includes 4 Cameras, record 4 viewpoints at same time
One Side Mount Stainless Steel Toolbox
Tinted windows
One fire extinguisher
One spare tire
Manufacturer’s warranty/maintenance: 
Bidder’s best standard warranty. AIT reserves the right to negotiate.
Comply with Taiwan’ phase VI environmental regulations. Comply with the road traffic safety rules of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications R.O.C. and pass all required inspection and tests.
Total Amount (VAT/import tax/commodity tax excluded)NTD

Delivery Information:

1Location: Neihu District, Taipei 114017, Taiwan
Lead time for delivery: _________
1JobNTD _______

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