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投標編號 RFQ No: TPE200-23-Q-0022 (截止日期:2023年5月26日)
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四月 28日, 2023

投標編號 RFQ No: TPE200-23-Q-0022 


美國在台協會欲採購一輛全新小客車,有意參與競標的廠商可於上班時間早上8點半至下午4點半間聯繫美國在台協會採購部,有關標案的任何問題請於2023年5月17日中午12點(台北時間)前提出,AIT會統一於2023年5月22日下午5點前(台北時間)回覆。報價截止時間為2023年5月26日中午12點前,報價單請於截止日前發至美國在台協會採購部信箱Taipei_Procurement@state.gov。 請特別注意,美國在台協會為政府稅法核定適用“零稅率”之機構報價以及發票開立應用“零稅率” (不含5%營業稅) 並請註明亦未含進口稅以及貨物稅款項將於收到貨品及相關發票後30天內匯款此標案將由符合資格且最低價者得標,謝謝!


Quantity: 1

*Total Amount must not include VAT/import tax/commodity tax

Brand New 2023 Passenger Van

  • Nine seats (including driver’s seat)
  • Qualifies for ordinary driver’s license for small cars
  • Independent passenger seats in the rear rows (the seats must be easily removable, and users can customize the configuration of the seats)
  • Size: total length (6,800 mm or longer); total height (2,500 mm or higher); interior height (1,900 mm or higher); Aft compartment volume (14 m³ or more)
  • Maximum horsepower: 170 hp or above
  • Side sliding door(s): single or dual; manual or electric
  • Back barn doors: two doors that open outwards vertically
  • Minimum number of airbags: Front-seat airbags that protects front seat driver and passenger(s)
  • Secondary impact pre-braking system
  • Crosswind stabilization assist
  • Front and rear parking guidance system
  • Electronic driving stability system
  • Dual zone climate control air conditioning system
  • Dual-channel dash cams (record both in front of and behind the van at the same time)
  • 3M Tinted windows
  • Manufacturer’s warranty
    (4 year or 120,000 kilometers, whichever comes first, or bidder’s best standard warranty. AIT reserves the right to negotiate.)
  • Must have been approved by Ministry of Transportation and Communications R.O.C and comply with its Road Traffic Safety Rules.

Delivery Information:

Location: Neihu District, Taipei 114017, Taiwan

Lead time for delivery: _________